The Jazz On Line website wish to provide access to the American music of the first half of the XX. secular, in particular the jazz music.
This American music was recorded on 78 rpm shellac discs. The first half of XX. secular music are a humanity treasure and are to be preserve.
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July 30, 2016


Casa Loma Orchestra 1927-1963 (m3u) : 

Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra My Shining Hour () DECCA, 18567B
My Heart Tells Me () DECCA, 18567A
Casa Loma Orchestra Lucky Me - Lovable You (1929) 403205-B OKeh, 41339
Happy Days Are Here Again (1929) 403207-B OKeh, 41339
Anytime's The Time To Fall In Love (1930) 403744-B OKeh, 41373
When The Little Red Roses Get The Blues For You (1930) 403955-B ODEON, ONY-3607
Dust (1930) 403963-B ODEON, ONY-36076
Leave It That Way (1930) 403964-A Odéon, ONY-36079
On The Sunny Side Of The Street (1930) 403965-B Odéon, ONY-36080
Casa Loma Stomp (1930) 404569-B OKeh, 41492
Anytime's The Time To Fall In Love (1930) 490039-A COLUMBIA, OD36044
Help Yourself To Happiness (1931) E-36909-A BRUNSWICK, 6150
Do The New York (1931) E-36910-A BRUNSWICK, 6150
Gene's Merrymakers (casa Loma Orchestra) Clarinet Marmalade (1931) E-37473-A BANNER, 32551
Casa Loma Orchestra Can't You See? (1931) E37163 BRUNSWICK, 6187
Black Jazz (1931) E37471A BRUNSWICK, 6242
Smoke Rings (1932) 11534 BRUNSWICK, 6289
Lazy Day (1932) 11804 BRUNSWICK, 6311
Blue Jazz (1932) 12112 BRUNSWICK, 6611
After Tonight (1932) 12324-1 BRUNSWICK, 6397
The Lady From St. Paul (1932) 12754 BRUNSWICK, 6486
New Orleans (1932) 12791-A BRUNSWICK, 6486
Happy-go-lucky You (and Broken-hearted Me) (1932) B-11805-A BRUNSWICK, 6318
All Of A Sudden (1932) B-11807-A ARC, BR6318
Casa Loma Stomp (1932) B-11856-A ARC,
Mighty River (1932) B-12325-A ARC, BR6402
Smoke Rings (1932) B11534-A ARC, BR6289
Dance Of The Lame Duck (1932) B12755-A ARC, BR6513
Blue Prelude (1933) 13000-A BRUNSWICK, 6513
Wild Goose Chase (1933) 13001 BRUNSWICK, 6588
Under A Blanket Of Blue (1933) 13392-A BRUNSWICK, 6584
For You (1933) 13393 BRUNSWICK, 6606
Sweet Madness (1933) 14051-1 BRUNSWICK, 6660
Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orch M Bailey Heat Wave (1933) 14199 BRUNSWICK, 6679
Casa Loma Orchestra Dixie Lee (1933) 14470A BRUNSWICK, 6726
Glen Gray's Casa Loma Orchestra Dardanella (1933) 75256 VICTOR, 24256A
Glen Gray And His Orchestra Dardanella, Black-eyed Susan Brown, Casa Loma Stomp (1933) 75261-1 Victor, L-16023
Casa Loma Orchestra Buji (1933) B-13395-A ARC, BR6588
That's How Rhythm Was Born (1933) B-13740-A VOCALION, 4822
Dixie Lee (1933) B-14470-A ARC, BR6726
That's Love (1934) 14775A BRUNSWICK, 6764
Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra A Hundred Years From Today (vlee Wiley) (1934) 14854 BRUNSWICK, 6775
Casa Loma Orchestra Panama (1934) 15433A BRUNSWICK, 7325
Out In The Cold Again (1934) 15657 BRUNSWICK, 6964
Narcissus (1934) 15752 BRUNSWICK, 7321
Blue Moon (1934) 39132 DECCA, 312B
Ol' Man River (1934) B-14774-4 ARC, BR6800
Jungle Fever (1934) B-15326-A BRUNSWICK, 6932
Linger Awhile (1934) B-15374-A BRUNSWICK, 7325
Panama (1934) B-1543-A BRUNSWICK, 7325
Avalon (1934) B-15655-A BRUNSWICK, 7532
Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra When I Grow Too Old To Dream (v K. Sargent) (1935) 39234-A DECCA, 349A
The Night Is Young (v Kenny Sargent) (1935) 39235-A DECCA, 349B
Casa Loma Orchestra Who's Sorry Now? (1935) 39334-A DECCA, 379B
Ain't It Just Too Bad? (1935) 39335-A DECCA, 375A
Lookie, Lookie Here Comes Cookie (1935) 39374 DECCA, 386A
Chant Of The Jungle (1935) 39472-A DECCA, 463B
Rose Of The Rio Grande (1936) 61155 DECCA, 869A
Memories Of You (1937) 62827 DECCA, 1672
Sleepy Time Gal (1937) 62865 DECCA, 15042A
I Cried For You (1937) 62885-A DECCA, 1864B
Smoke Rings (1937) DLA-834-A DECCA, 1473
Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra Smoke Rings (1937) DLA-834-A DECCA, 1473
Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra Casa Loma Stomp (1937) DLA835-A DECCA, 1412
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (1938) 63338 DECCA, 1755A
Riverboat Shuffle (1939) 64962-A DECCA, 2398B
Sunrise Serenade (1939) 65035 DECCA, 2321B
Heaven Can Wait (1939) 65037-A DECCA, 2321A
Under A Blanket Of Blue (vk.sargent) (1939) 66686 DECCA, 3193B
Pee Wee Hunt, Vocal Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra I May Be Wrong (1939) DLA828-A DECCA, 15035A
Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra A Lover's Lullaby (1940) 67239 DECCA, 3053B
Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra No Name Jive (1940) 67344 DECCA, 3089A
No Name Jive Part 2 (1940) 67345 DECCA, 3089B
Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra It's The Talk Of The Town (1942) 70173 DECCA, 4292A
One Dozen Roses (1942) 70607 DECCA, 4299A
Till We Meet Again (1942) 70658 DECCA, 18322
Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra Don't Get Around Much Anymore (1942) 71208-A DECCA, 18479