The Jazz On Line website wish to provide access to the American music of the first half of the XX. secular, in particular the jazz music.
This American music was recorded on 78 rpm shellac discs. The first half of XX. secular music are a humanity treasure and are to be preserve.
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July 30, 2016


Chick Webb 1902-1939 (m3u) : 

Chick Webb And His Orchestra Blues In My Heart (1931) E36433-A BRUNSWICK, 6156
That Rhythm Man (1934) 38593-A DECCA, 173A
Don't Be That Way (1934) 39140 DECCA, 483A
Blue Lou (1934) 39142 DECCA, 1065
Love And Kisses (1935) 39617 DECCA, 494A
Rhythm And Romance (1935) 60054 DECCA, 588A
I'll Chase The Blues Away (1935) 60056 DECCA, 640B
When I Get Low I Get High (1936) 61002 DECCA, 1123
Go Harlem (1936) 61123 DECCA, 995A
Sing Me A Swing Song (1936) 61124 DECCA, 3319A
Rusty Hinge (1937) 62064 DECCA, 1273
Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie (1937) 62068A DECCA, 1220 B
Cryin' Mood (1937) 62069-A DECCA, 1273
That Naughty Waltz (1937) 62073 DECCA, 1356
Just A Simple Melody (1937) 62725-A DECCA, 1521
Chick Webb And His Orchestra Vocal Ella Fitzgerald I Got A Guy (1937) 62726 DECCA, 1681
Chick Webb And His Orchestra Holiday In Harlem (1937) 62728 DECCA, 1521
Rock It For Me (1937) 62738 DECCA, 1586
Squeeze Me (1937) 62739 DECCA, 1716B
I Want To Be Happy (1937) 62886 DECCA, 15039A
If Dreams Come True (1937) 62888 DECCA, 1716A
Midnight In A Madhouse (1937) 62890-A DECCA, 1587
A-tisket, A Tasket (1938) 63693-A DECCA, 1840A
Heart Of Mine (vef) (1938) 63694-A DECCA, 2721B
I'm Just A Jitterbug (1938) 63695-A DECCA, 1899A
Liza (all The Clouds'll Roll Away) (1938) 63708-A DECCA, 1840B
Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil (1938) 63934 DECCA, 1894B
Mcpherson Is Rehearsin' (1938) 63935 DECCA, 2080B
Everybody Step (1938) 63936 DECCA, 1894A
Who Ya Hunchin'? (1938) 64464 DECCA, 2231B
I Found My Yellow Basket (1938) 64576 DECCA, 2148A
Undecided (1939) 65039 DECCA, 2323A
In The Groove At The Grove (1939) 65041 DECCA, 2323B
My Heart Belongs To Daddy (1939) 65043-A DECCA, 2309A
Little White Lies (1939) 65446 DECCA, 2556A