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This American music was recorded on 78 rpm shellac discs. The first half of XX. secular music are a humanity treasure and are to be preserve.
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July 30, 2016


Harry James 1916-1983 (m3u) : 

Harry James And His Orchestra Jubilee (1937) B-22083-1 Brunswick, 8038
Penthouse Serenade (1937) B-22084-2 CBS, BR8035
When We're Alone (penthouse Serenade) (1937) B-22084-2 Brunswick, 8035
(i Can Dream) Can't I? (1937) B-22085-1 Brunswick, 8038
Life Goes To A Party (1937) B-22086-2 CBS, BR8035
Life Goes To A Party (1937) B-22086-2 Brunswick, 8035
Texas Chatter (1938) B-22249-1 Brunswick, 8067
Song Of The Wanderer (1938) B-22250-1 CBS, BR8067
Song Of The Wanderer (1938) B-22250-I Brunswick, 8067
It's The Dreamer In Me (1938) B-22251-1 Brunswick, 8055
One O'clock Jump (1938) B-22252 COLUMBIA, 37142
One O'clock Jump (1938) B-22252-1 Brunswick, 8055
Out Of Nowhere (1938) B-22808-2 Brunswick, 8136
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (1938) B-22809-1 Brunswick, 8178
Lullaby In Rhythm (1938) B-22810-1 CBS, BR8136
Lullaby In Rhythm (1938) B-22810-1 Brunswick, 8136
Little White Lies (1938) B-22811-1 Brunswick, 8178
Frank Sinatra W Harry James Or All Or Nothing At All (1939) 25288 COLUMBIA, 35587
Harry James And The Boogie Woogie Trio Home, James (1939) B-24062-1 Brunswick, 8350
Harry James And His Orchestra 'taint What You Do (it's The Way That Cha Do It) (1939) B-24193-1 Brunswick, 8337
Two O'clock Jump (1939) B-24194-1 Brunswick, 8337
Two O'clock Jump (1939) B-24194-1 CBS, BR8337
Ciribiribin (1939) B-24514-1 Brunswick, 8327
Ciribiribin (1939) B-24514-1 BRUNSWICK, 8327
Sweet Georgia Brown (1939) B-24515-1 Brunswick, 8327
Blame It On My Last Affair (1939) B-24516-1 Brunswick, 8326
Love's A Necessary Thing (1939) B-24517-1 Brunswick, 8326
From The Bottom Of My Heart (1939) B-25057-1 CBS, BR8443
Harry James And The Boogie Woogie Trio Boo-woo (1939) B2460 COLUMBIA, 35958
Harry James And His Orchestra It's Funny To Everyone But Me (1939) B25215-1 COLUMBIA, 35209
Here Comes The Night (1939) CO25285 COLUMBIA, 35227
Flash (1939) LA-2044-A COLUMBIA, 35587
Back Beat Boogie (1939) LA-2054-A COLUMBIA, 39484
Concerto For Trumpet (1939) LA2051 COLUMBIA, 35340
Ciribiribin (1939) WB-24514 COLUMBIA, 37141
On A Little Street In Singapore (1939) WC2798 COLUMBIA, 35261
Music Makers (1941) 29423 COLUMBIA, 35932
Music Makers (1941) CO29423 COLUMBIA, 37143
Flight Of The Bumble Bee (1941) CO29726 COLUMBIA, 36004
Harry James And His Orch (vdick Haymes) I'll Get By (1941) CO30195 COLUMBIA, 36698
Harry James And His Orchestra You Made Me Love You (1941) CO30509-1 COLUMBIA, 36296
I Don't Want To Walk Without You (1941) CO31954 COLUMBIA, 36478
Skylark (1942) CO32347-1 COLUMBIA, 36533
Sleepy Lagoon (1942) CO32472-1 COLUMBIA, 36549
Trumpet Blues And Cantabile (1942) CO32473-1 COLUMBIA, 36549
Harry James & His Orch H. Forrest Estrellita (1942) CO32619-1 COLUMBIA, 36729
Harry James And His Orchestra He's My Guy (1942) HCO-827 COLUMBIA, 36614
I Heard You Cried Last Night (1942) HCO-853 COLUMBIA, 36677
Manhattan Serenade (1942) HCO-854 COLUMBIA, 36644
Cherry (1942) HCO-862 COLUMBIA, 36683
I Had The Craziest Dream (1942) HCO-867 COLUMBIA, 36659
Mister Five By Five (1942) HCO-911 COLUMBIA, 36650
I've Heard That Song Before (1942) HCO-912 COLUMBIA, 36668
Velvet Moon (1942) HCO-914 COLUMBIA, 36672
Harry James & His Orchestra I'm Beginning To See The Light (1945) 14238-7 CAPITOL, EAP1-654
Kitty Kallen W Harry James It's Been A Long Long Time (1945) CO35081 COLUMBIA, 36838
Harry James And His Orchestra It's Been A Long, Long Time (vkk) (1945) CO35081 V-DISC, 535
Waitin' For The Train To Come In (vkitty Kallen) (1945) CO35107 COLUMBIA, 38867
I Can't Begin To Tell You (1945) CO35108 COLUMBIA, 36867
I'll Buy That Dream (vkitty Kallen) (1945) HCO-1409 COLUMBIA, 36833
Harry James & His Orchestra I'm In Love With Two Sweethearts (1945) HCO-1627 COLUMBIA, 36933
Who's Sorry Now (1945) HCO-1630 COLUMBIA, 36973
Heartaches (1947) HCO-2232 COLUMBIA, 37305
Harry James And His Orchestra September Song (1947) HCO-2760 COLUMBIA, 38300
Doris Day W Harry James Orchestra Too Marvelous For Words (1950) HCO-4011 COLUMBIA, 38728
Doris Day & Harry James Orchestra Lullaby Of Broadway (1951) HCO-4412 COLUMBIA, 39159
Harry James Don't Be That Way (1951) RHCO-4598-1 COLUMBIA, 39582
Harry James & His Orchestra Palladium Party (1953) RHCO-10472 COLUMBIA, 39994