The Jazz On Line website wish to provide access to the American music of the first half of the XX. secular, in particular the jazz music.
This American music was recorded on 78 rpm shellac discs. The first half of XX. secular music are a humanity treasure and are to be preserve.
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July 30, 2016


Jimmy Dorsey 1904-1957 (m3u) : 

Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra Maria Elena (vbe) () DECCA, 18806B
Jimmy Dorsey And His Band Jumpin' Jehosaphat () V-DISC, 470
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra Sunset Strip () V-DISC, 326
Jimmy Dorsey Jump Back Honey () CO48416 COLUMBIA, 39896
Jimmy Dorsey (clarinet Solo) Prayin' The Blues (1929) 401878-C OKeh, 41245
Jimmy Dorsey Beebe (1932) 12071-2 BRUNSWICK, 6352
Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra King Porter Stomp (1935) V-DISC, 514
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra You Let Me Down (v B E) (1935) 60037 DECCA, 602A
Is It True What They Say About Dixie? (1936) DLA319-A DECCA, 768B
Jimmy Dorsey's Orchestra (crosby, Armstrong, Langford) Pennies From Heaven (1936) DLA519-A DECCA, 951A
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra I Fall In Love With You Every Day (vbe) (1938) 63204 DECCA, 1671
Cowboy From Brooklyn (1938) 63658 DECCA, 1799B
Long John Silver (1938) 63689-A DECCA, 3334A
Dusk In Upper Sandusky (1938) 63692 DECCA, 1939A
Andrews Sisters And Jimmy Dorsey Tu-li Tulip Time (1938) 64350 DECCA, 1974A
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra Change Partners (1938) 64365-A DECCA, 2002A
The Yam (1938) 64367 DECCA, 2002B
A Room With A View (1938) 64759 DECCA, 2213A
The Masquerade Is Over (1939) 65002 DECCA, 2293B
It's All Yours (1939) 65053 DECCA, 2332A
All Or Nothing At All (1939) 65743 DECCA, 2580B
Back To Back (1939) 65836 DECCA, 2554A
In The Middle Of A Dream (1939) 65876 DECCA, 2580A
Rendezvous Time In Paree (1939) 65878 DECCA, 2577A
Is It Possible? (1939) 65879 DECCA, 2577B
A Man And His Dream (1939) 65966 DECCA, 2650A
The Jumpin' Jive (1939) 65967 DECCA, 2612A
Go Fly A Kite (1939) 65969 DECCA, 2650B
Cherokee (1939) 66914 DECCA, 2961A
Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra The Breeze And I (1940) V-DISC, 217
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra The Breeze And I (vbe) (1940) 67584 DECCA, 3150B
Contrasts (1940) 67642 DECCA, 3198A
The Bad Humor Man (vho) (1940) 68176 DECCA, 3435B
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orch (vb.eberle) I Hear A Rhapsody (1940) 68461 DECCA, 3570B
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra I Understand (v Bob Eberle) (1940) 68462 DECCA, 3585A
High On A Windy Hill (vbe) (1940) 68464 DECCA, 3585B
Yours - Quiereme Mucho (1941) DECCA, 18807A
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orch. (vh.o'connell And Bob Eberle) Amapola (1941) 68652 DECCA, 3629A
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra Yours - Lolita (vho-be) (1941) 68653 DECCA, 3657B
La Rosita (1941) 68765 DECCA, 3711A
The Things I Love (1941) 68832 DECCA, 3737A
My Sister And I (1941) 68833 DECCA, 3710A
Marie Elena (1941) 68834 DECCA, 3698A
Green Eyes (vbe-ho) (1941) 68840 DECCA, 3698B
Time Was (vhelen O'connell & Bob Eberle) (1941) 69212 DECCA, 3859A
Jim (vhelen O'connell) (1941) 69594 DECCA, 3963A
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orch. (vhelen O'connell And Bob Eberle) Tangerine (1941) 70028 DECCA, 4123A
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra Brazil (1942) 71055 DECCA, 18460B
My Ideal (1943) DLA-3247-A DECCA, 18574A
Jimmy Dorsey's Orchestra Besame Mucho (1943) L3214 DECCA, 18574B
Star Eyes (1943) L3216 DECCA, 18571B
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra They're Either Too Young Or Too Old (1943) L3217-A DECCA, 18571A
Jimmy Dorsey Dorseyland Band Struttin' With Some Barbecue (1949) CO41832 COLUMBIA, 38655
Jimmy Dorsey Dorseyland Jazz Chimes Blues (1949) CO41844 COLUMBIA, 38655
Panama (1949) CO41853 COLUMBIA, 38654
High Society (1949) CO41854 COLUMBIA, 38656
Jimmy Dorsey Dixieland Band From Santa Claus Land (1950) CCO5188 COLUMBIA, 39035
Jimmy Dorsey And Orchestra Rag Mop (1950) CO42650 COLUMBIA, 38710
When You Wore A Tulip (1950) CO42652 COLUMBIA, 38731
Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie (1950) CO42653 COLUMBIA, 38731
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (1950) CO42953 COLUMBIA, 38968
Jimmy Dorsey's Orchestra Dorsey Dervish (91936) DLA520-A DECCA, 1040B
The Love Bug Will Bite You (91937) DLA735 DECCA, 1187
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra Six Lessons From Madame Zonga (91940) 67508 DECCA, 3152B