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February 12, 2017


King Oliver 1885-1936 (m3u) : 

King Oliver's Jazz Band Working Man Blues  (1923)

08486-B OKeh, 40034
King Oliver Creole Jazz Band Dipper Mouth Blues  (1923)

11389-B GENNETT, 5132A
King Oliver's Jazz Band Mabel's Dream  (1923)

1622-1 Decca, MU60279
The Southern Stomps  (1923)

1623-2 Jazz Collector, L-4
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Camp Meeting Blues  (1923)

81303-2 COLUMBIA, 14003 D
King Oliver's Jazz Band Snake Rag  (1923)
King Oliver, Louis Armstrong (cnt,slide whistle-2) Honore Dutrey (tb) Bud Scott (bj,vcl break-1) Johnny Dodds (cl) Lil Armstrong (p) Bud Scott (bj) Baby Dodds (d)
June 22
8391-A OKeh, 4933
Dippermouth Blues  (1923)
King Oliver, Louis Armstrong (cnt) Honore Dutrey (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Lil Armstrong (p) Bud Scott (bj,vcl break-1) Baby Dodds (d)
June 23
8402-A OKeh, 4918
I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody  (1923)

8477-B OKeh, 8148
Room Rent Blues  (1923)

8478-A OKeh, 8148
Sweet Baby Doll  (1923)

8485-A OKeh, 8235
King Oliver Jazz Band Sobbin' Blues  (1923)

S8394-B OKeh, 4906
King Oliver W Jelly Roll Mort. King Porter Stomp  (1924)

685 AUTOGRAPH, 617
King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators Too Bad  (1926)

E-2632 Vocalion, 1007
Tack Annie  (1926)

E-3556 Vocalion, 1049
King Oliver Dixie Syncopators New Wang Wang Blues  (1926)

E3871 VOCALION, 1049
King Oliver's Jazz Band Showboat Shuffle  (1927)

26317 BRUNSWICK, 3998
King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators Every Tub  (1927)

E-26315 Brunswick, 3998
Willie The Weeper  (1927)

E-5168 Brunswick, 80079
Black Snake Blues  (1927)

E-5170 Brunswick, 80079
Doctor Jazz  (1927)

E-51724 Vocalion, 1113
King Oliver's Dixie Syncopatos Farewell Blues  (1927)

E25352 BRUNSWICK, 3741
King Oliver Got Everything (don't Want Anything But You)  (1928)

E-28055-A or B Brunswick, 4028
Speakeasy Blues  (1928)

E-28185-B Vocalion, 1225
I'm Watching The Clock  (1928)

E-28203-A or B Brunswick, 4469
Slow And Steady  (1928)

E-28757-A or B Brunswick, 4469
Lazy Mama  (1928)

E-7391-A or B Vocalion, 1190
King Oliver Dixie Syncopators Tin Roof Blues  (1928)

E7388 VOCALION, 1189
Sweet Emalina  (1928)

E7390 VOCALION, 1190
King Oliver And His Orchestra Call Of The Freaks  (1929)
King Oliver dir: Louis Metcalf, cornet, J. C. Higginbotham, trombone, Charlie Holmes, cl, ss, alto saxophone, Teddy Hill, tenor saxophone, Luis Russell, piano, Will Johnson, bj, guitar, "Bass" Moore, brass bass (sousaphone/tuba, Paul Barbarin, drums, Walter Pichon vocal
48333-2 Bluebird, B-6546
The Trumpet's Prayer  (1929)

48334-1 BLUEBIRD, 7705
Freakish Light Blues  (1929)

49649-4 Victor, V-38521
I've Got That Thing  (1929)

49651-1 VICTOR, 38521
Can I Tell You?  (1929)

50523-2 VICTOR, 38049
My Good Man Sam  (1929)

50525-2 VICTOR, 38049
What You Want Me To Do  (1929)

56756-1 BLUEBIRD, 7242
Sweet Like This  (1929)

56757-2 Victor, V-38101
Too Late  (1929)

56758-2 BLUEBIRD, 7242
I'm Lonesome, Sweetheart  (1929)

57527-1 Victor, 23029
I Want You Just Myself  (1929)

57528-1 His Master's Voice, R-14433
I Can't Stop Loving You  (1929)

57529-1 Victor, 23029
Everybody Does It In Hawaii  (1929)

58338-1 VICTOR, 38109
New Orleans Shout  (1929)

58340-1 VICTOR, 23388
West End Blues  (1929)
Louis Metcalf (cnt) J.C. Higginbotham (tb) Charlie Holmes (as) Teddy Hill (ts) Luis Russell (p) Will Johnson (bj) Bass Moore (tu) Paul Barbarin (d) Walter "Fats" Pichon (vcl) King Oliver (dir)
Liederkranz Hall, New York, 10am-1:10pm, January 16, 1929
BVE49650-2 VICTOR, 38034
King Oliver Dixie Syncopators Aunt Hagar's Blues  (1929)

C3101 SUPERTONE, 2235s
King Oliver And His Orchestra St James Infirmary  (1930)

58527-3 BLUEBIRD, 5466
Saint James Infirmary  (1930)

58527-3 VICTOR, 22298A
I Must Have It  (1930)

59525-1 Victor, 62-0061
You're Just My Type  (1930)

59527-1 Victor, 62-0061
Boogie Woogie  (1930)

59748-2 Bluebird, B-6778
Struggle Buggy  (1930)

62236-2 VICTOR, 23001
Don't You Think I Love You?  (1930)

62237-1 Victor, 23001
Olga  (1930)

62238-2 VICTOR, 22681
What's The Use Of Living Without Love?  (1930)

63134-3 VICTOR, 23011
You Were Only Passing Time With Me  (1930)

63135-3 VICTOR, 23011
Stingaree Blues  (1930)

63640-1 BLUEBIRD, 10707
Stealing Love  (1930)

64014-1 Victor, 430709
Who's Blue?  (1931)

E-35911-A Brunswick, A-9065
I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby  (1931)

E-36103-A Brunswick, 6065
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Canal Street Blues  (91923)

11384-B GENNETT, 5133B