The Jazz On Line website wish to provide access to the American music of the first half of the XX. secular, in particular the jazz music.
This American music was recorded on 78 rpm shellac discs. The first half of XX. secular music are a humanity treasure and are to be preserve.
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July 30, 2016


Leadbelly 1885-1949 (m3u) : 

Leadbelly (h. Ledbetter) Red River Blues (1934) 16704 ARC, (Reject)
Leadbelly (h. Ledbetter) You Dont Know My Mind (1934) 16706 ARC, (Reject)
Leadbelly (h. Ledbetter) Shreveport Jail (1934) 16707 ARC, (Reject)
Angola Blues (1934) 16708 ARC, (Reject)
Becky Deem Was A Gambling Girl (1935) 16687-1 ARC, ME60455
Mary Dont You Weep (1935) 16698 ARC, (Reject)
Leadbelly The Bourgeois Blues (1939) GM504 MUSICRAFT, 227
The Gallis Pole (1939) GM509A MUSICRAFT, 227
Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No Mo-go Down Old Han (1939) GM509K MUSICRAFT, 224
Looky Looky Yonder, Yallow Woman's Doorbell (1939) GM509K MUSICRAFT, 224
New York City (1940) 051323 BLUEBIRD, 8750
Leadbelly (h. Ledbetter) Good Morning Blues (1940) 051501 BLUEBIRD, 8791
Sail On Little Girl (1940) 051505 BLUEBIRD, 8550
Leadbelly Roberta (1940) 051506 BLUEBIRD, 8709
Alberta (1940) 051507 BLUEBIRD, 8559
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (1943) 5128 MUSICRAFT, 312
Yellow Gal (1943) 5129 MUSICRAFT, 310
Pretty Flowers In Your Backyard (1943) 5131 MUSICRAFT, 313
In New Orleans (1943) 5132 MUSICRAFT, 312
John Hardy (1943) 5133 MUSICRAFT, 311
Rock Island Line (1944) 398-3A-1 CAPITOL, 10021