The Jazz On Line website wish to provide access to the American music of the first half of the XX. secular, in particular the jazz music.
This American music was recorded on 78 rpm shellac discs. The first half of XX. secular music are a humanity treasure and are to be preserve.
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July 30, 2016


Blind Lemon Jefferson 1893-1929 (m3u) : 

Blind Lemon Jefferson Wartime Blues (1926) P3070 PARAMOUNT, 12425
Broke And Hungry Blues (1926) P3076 PARAMOUNT, 12443
Shuckin' Sugar Blues (1926) P3077 PARAMOUNT, 12454
Rabbit Foot Blues (1926) P3089 PARAMOUNT, 12454
Bad Luck Blues (1926) P3090 PARAMOUNT, 12443
One Dime Blues (1927) 20075-2 PARAMOUNT, 12578
Black Snake Moan (1927) 80523-B OKeh, 8455
Easy Rider Blues (1927) P4423 PARAMOUNT, 12474
Match Box Blues (1927) P4424 PARAMOUNT, 12474
Rising Water Blues (1927) P4491 PARAMOUNT, 12487
Black Snake Dream (1927) P4577 PARAMOUNT, 12510
Christmas Eve Blues (1928) 20818-2 PARAMOUNT, 12692
Mosquito Moan (1929) G15666 PARAMOUNT, 12899B
Southern Woman Blues (1929) G15667 PARAMOUNT, 12899A
Long Distance Moan (1929) G15668! PARAMOUNT, 12852B
That Crawlin' Baby Blues (1929) G15671 PARAMOUNT, 12880B